• Dazzeon Nano Blanket

    Comfortable, nice to sleep with, healthy ALL THE TIME

Dazzeon Nano Blanket

Comfortable, nice to sleep with, healthy ALL THE TIME

What is Dazzeon Nano Blanket? What is Dazzeon Nano Blanket?

Are you troubled by the following problems? Dazzeon has seen your troubles!

  • Suffering from poor blood circulation as you get older, resulting in symptoms such as soreness and pain all over the body and cold hands and feet.
  • Light sleep, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep
  • Sitting a lot at work, poor circulation
  • Exercise and workout-related muscle soreness and tightness

Dazzeon Nano Blanket carefully pampers your health and improves your quality of life. You can live a healthy life, show your confidence and sleep with peace of mind with just one blanket.

Dazzeon Nano Blanket uses the key nano refining technology of

Refined and finely ground natural high-grade raw ore is produced by a special process. It has been tested that the far-infrared spectrum emissivity can reach up to 0.94 at room temperature, effectively increasing the oxygen content of human blood by about 2% more and promoting blood circulation. The body surface can also be warmed rapidly at room temperature by about 3-4°C more to improve body healthy conditions. DAZZEON Nano Blanket is made of thin and soft material. It is warm and suitable for all seasons. It improves  your sleep quality. It keeps you healthy every day and helps you sleep well every night.

Medical theory of far-infrared medical device therapy

Far-infrared medical device therapy is mainly aimed at improving the “microcirculation” of the human body. Experiments have shown that after receiving far-infrared irradiation, the deformability, fluidity, and electrophoretic migration rate of red blood cells increase, which greatly enhances their oxygen-carrying function, i.e., the microcirculation function, effectively improving human health and disease prevention.

Effectiveness of clinical studies of far-infrared:

  • German study Far-infrared irradiation for one hour can reduce blood pressure and blood viscosity due to continuous dilatation of peripheral blood vessels.
  • Jeffrey Dover, MD, Boston, USA Far infrared irradiation is effective in treating acne and pimples, removing cosmetic residues, softening dry skin, and healing scars.
  • McGrawHill Encyclopedia of Science Report Medical practitioners use far-infrared irradiation to treat muscle strains, muscle pain, capsulitis, and pathological processes of peripheral vascular disease.
  • The content of Dr. Justus F. Lehman’s book The scope of treatment with far-infrared irradiation includes: reducing joint stiffness, relieving muscle stiffness, increasing blood flow, promoting pain relief, restoring damaged soft tissues, increasing the malleability of collagen tissue, and helping to eliminating infiltrates, edema, and exudate from inflamed areas.
  • Japanese Dr. Kyuo’s book (Scientific Basis and Efficacy of Far-Infrared Irradiation) It is verified that far-infrared irradiation is used for stress-induced diarrhea, bloating, colorectal ulcers, gastritis, facial paralysis, hemorrhoids, shoulder and back joint pain, rheumatism, hypotension, diabetes, weight loss, asthma, anemia, burns and scars, early baldness, cervical fractures, axillary osmidrosis, breast cancer, abdominal cancer, radiation exposure, and related diseases.


Blood circulation improvement

By utilizing the reaction of far-infrared, it can penetrate 6-7cm into the subcutaneous tissue to raise the body temperature, expand microscopic vessels, promote blood circulation, revitalize enzymes, and increase the metabolism of blood and cellular tissue, which greatly helps to rejuvenate cells and improve anemia.


Cell activation

The far-infrared waves emitted by far-infrared radiation resonate with human cells, making human cellular tissues more energetic. At the same time, a large number of negative ions are absorbed from outside the body, enhancing oxygen intake;, thus, greatly strengthening the physiological activity of cells.


Blood purification

Far-infrared promotes blood circulation and microcirculation in the human body, and the high pressure negative electric field increases the energy of blood cells, which greatly enhances motor energy, completely metabolizing the accumulated toxins and excess nutrients in the blood.


Immunity boost

Immunity is a physiological protection response of the human body, which includes cellular and humoral immunity, and plays an extremely important role in fighting diseases. It has been clinically observed that far-infrared radiation can indeed improve the phagocytosis of macrophages, regulate the function of human cellular and humoral immunity, and is beneficial to human health.


Autonomic nerves regulation

The autonomic nerves mainly regulate the function of organs. When people are in a prolonged state of anxiety, the autonomic nervous system remains tense, resulting in lowered immunity, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, weakness, and cold extremities. Far infrared can regulate the autonomic nerves for them to maintain being in their best condition, improving or eliminating all the above symptoms.


Improvement of muscle and joint pain

Far-infrared penetrates deep into muscles and joints, warming the body internally, and increasing the surface temperature of body by 3-4°C more on average. It relaxes the muscles, driving the exchange of oxygen and nutrients in the microvascular network, and eliminating the accumulated fatigue substances, lactic acid, and other waste products in the body. It also increases the secretion of endorphins in the human body, which has excellent effects on eliminating edema, reducing fatigue, and relieving soreness.


High-grade raw ore

Geji raw ore is used as the raw material. With high-tech nano-processing technology, the far-infrared function is long-lasting and effective.


Far infrared function

  • Effective in increasing the volume and speed of blood flow.
  • Increasing blood oxygen level by about 2% more
  • Increasing surface temperature of body by about 3-4°C more

Increasing body microcirculation

Infrared is actually a kind of light and an electromagnetic wave, but its wavelength is longer than the visible red light. We can’t see it with our naked eyes, but we can feel its warmth on our skin.


Innovative manufacturing process, special technology

Breaking out of the traditional fiber fagoting technology, Dazzeon Nano Blanket is made with special technology to implant natural mineral powder deeply into the fiber after grinding and refining. Both sides have the effect of far-infrared.

Natural and durable material

The natural ore is refined and ground before being made into a far-infrared material produced with key nano-refining fabrication technology, with a guaranteed release rate 0.94 of far-infrared spectrum emissivity at room temperature. It imbues you with plenty of “fertility light”

Double-sided design, multi-purpose blanket

Spread it out; drape it over your shoulders; tuck it in; hug it. You can do all kinds of things with it! Both sides are the right side. Double the effect by using it in direct contact with the skin!

Lightweight and breathable, suitable for all seasons

Lightweight, skin-friendly sensation, doesn’t feel muggy after being covered in it for a long time. Great for spring, summer, fall, and winter!

Safe, non-toxic, non-electric

It has passed the gate-keeping tests of multiple institutions such as SGS, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Atomic Energy Council of the Executive Yuan. It is safe and does not need to be plugged in. It removesit removes the damage of electromagnetic radiation to the human body, so you can use it with peace of mind and warmth.

Easy to clean, super EASY

According to testing results of the independent laboratory, It can be machine washed and dried or air dried repeatedly for 30 times without becoming deformed, and the far-infrared function is long-lasting and effective.


  • Product name: Dazzeon Nano Blanket
  • Size:
    5ft*6.2ft (150cm*190cm) Weight: 0.9kg (±5%)
    5ft*7ft (150cm*210cm) Weight: 1.1kg (±5%)
    5.6ft*7ft(170cm*210cm) Weight: 1.3kg(±5%)
    2.6ft*2ft(80cm*62cm) Weight: 0.2kg(±5%)
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Blanket pattern: Special far-infrared nanomaterials for key nano refined quenching chains
  • Made in Taiwan
  • How to wash it:

(Water temperature should not exceed 30°C; dry below 60°C; no bleaching; no ironing; can be hung up to air dry)

  • It is recommended to put only one piece into the washing machine. Choose the general program to wash at low temperature, and wash with a neutral and mild powder detergent or liquid laundry detergent after the water level is full. Air dry after the spin cycle or machine dry at medium temperature.
  • If washed with older models of washing machines, it is recommended the product be washed in a laundry bag to avoid any damages.
  • Do not scrub, use bleach, fabric softener, or Woolite.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Caution:
    Keep away from fire and flammable areas.
    Dry below 60°C but not for too long. Air dry is recommended.
    Please do not place sharp objects on this product.
    Please do not spray volatile substances (e.g., insecticide, hairspray, alcohol) on this product.
    Please do not vacuum this product.
  • If an allergic reaction occurs upon contact with the body, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is recommended that a physician or medical professional therapist be consulted for suitability if you have the following conditions:
    Acute inflammation, local sensory abnormalities, fever, and high-grade fever that lasts for a long time, wounds from bacterial infections, patients with tendencies to bleed such as hemophilia, pregnant women or women during period, patients with metal devices such as cardiac pacemakers in the body, patients using steroids, and cancer patients.
    【This product is insured with Fubon Product Liability Insurance of NT$20 million】


What’s the difference between the Dazzeon blanket and regular infrared lamps?

Infrared lamp is a therapeutic device that emits red heat to locally heat the skin surface and superficial muscles, creating a “thermal effect” with the blood vessels to achieve relaxation and relief. However, prolonged exposure will give people a burning sensation, and it is easy to cause burns due to improper use. Dazzeon Nano Blanket does not need to be plugged in for electricity. It is harmless to the skin and does not irritate the body. It is safe and secure to use. It evenly heats and promotes blood circulation, warming the inner part of the body to achieve a warming effect. It also promotes metabolism and improves the efficiency of the body’s microcirculation.

✗ Traditional infrared lamp Dazzeon Nano Blanket
Visible light
Pale red light
Invisible light
Unable to see with Invisible to the naked eyes
Needs to be plugged in for power.Long-term use results in feeling a burning sensation No need to be plugged in .Elevates body surface temperature
Need to maintain a distance of 40-60 cm with the skin to avoid burns and accidents Suitable for direct contact with the human skin.No safety concerns
Traditional heat effect
Avoid the eyes and wounds to prevent injury when using
Non-thermal effect
Enhances the volume and speed of blood flow and blood oxygen levels for health benefits
Use no more than 15 minutes No time limit for use

What is the difference between a Dazzeon Nano Blanket and a normal infrared blanket?

Regular infrared blankets are made of far-infrared masterbatches, and the average release rate of spectrum emissivity far-infrared is only 0.80-0.88 at room temperature of 22°C, and the average surface temperature rise of body is limited to 0.5°C-1°C, which only has the function of general covering and keeping warm, and has very little health benefits. Dazzeon Nano Blanket breaks this tradition with a special process, which far exceeds the industry and national standards, with an average release rate of spectrum emissivity far-infrared up to 0.94 and a body surface temperature increase of 3-4°C more. It can increase blood oxygen level by about 2% more, increase the volume and speed of blood flow, improve the efficiency of metabolizing waste in the body, relieve fatigue and pain, and greatly restore physical function.

“Don’t underestimate every 1% of increased rate.”Every 1% gap is the key. Continuous accumulation can affect our health!

✗ Regular Infrared Blanket Dazzeon Nano Blanket
Heats the skin surface only.Easy to lose temperature Deep into the subcutaneous tissue by 6-7CM, enhancing the volume and speed of blood flow by 10-15%, and increasing blood oxygen level by about 2% more.Long-lasting thermal insulation
A far-infrared spectrum emissivity release rate of 0.8-0.88 A far-infrared spectrum emissivity release rate of 0.94
A temperature rises of 0.5°C -1°C only on the body surface temperature A temperature rises of 3-4°C on the body surface
Regular wrapping and insulation function Promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue, reduces muscle aches and pains, maintains sleep quality, reduces edema, anti-inflammatory, comfortable and breathable, etc.
Far-infrared masterbatches are used to draw yarns to make fibers for various products. A special process is used to grind and refine the high-quality natural ore with far-infrared energy before implanting it deep into the fiber.


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